Swampert and Samurott would totally hang out


Swampert and Samurott would totally hang out

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Jessie buried her face deeper into his chest, her wings buzzing hysterically. She squeaked out inaudible words, trying to reply to Cas “I-I-I asd f ghas” she was just too happy and blown away with the fact that he’d like someone like her. 

He chuckled and he reached over to bury his face against her hair, “…You’re cute when you mumble like that…” he smiled to himself, he was really glad he told her how he felt…the way they acted around each other wasn’t no secret, it was obvious, really…but he was glad he told her, just to be sure. He wrapped his arms around her waist and gave her a nice tight hug, this was a very nice feeling.

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— I bet the surprise break the classic vanilla taste. - Kane chuckles finishing the frosting and introducing all of it on a piping bag. The cupcakes were already cold, so the onix preceded to pipe out the sweet topping onto them. — As you get comfortable cooking you will experiment with flavors and textures.

When he finished the frosting, Kane grabbed a cupcake and dunked the top on the small bowl full with shredded and slightly sweetened coconut. — Ah, yes. I tried to make Piña Colada cupcakes, but without the alcohol. - he laughs, finishing the last touches with a red cherry on top of each sweet treat. — Don’t look down on you so much, I bet yours are really good too.

[She smiled a bit, gathering her cupcakes together as she began to pipe the filling into each cupcake using a small piping cover, being careful not to crumble the top. Once she was done with that, she covered the top with a swirl of frosting, decorating them with a shaker of sprinkles.] Wow, that sounds great! I might eat them all!

[Staring at her small treats, she grinned, they were like mini birthday cakes and placed each one on a clean platter she found in the cabinets.] Finished~! [She skipped over to Kane and planted the tray right next to him, brushing off excessive flour that caked her arms,] I did a birthday theme, I hope that’s okay~!

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"O-oh…thanks Mari" he gave her a smile, but frowned when she seemed to run off and hearing the down slam from down the hall. His stomach seemed to tighten up, causing him to feel a little ill.

"She….I guess she’s upset…" he murmer to himself, getting up and placing the newly given clothes onto him. Maybe he should just leave before things get worse.

She passed a hand onto her face, her tummy still feeling queasy but much better from what she was feeling in the room. She couldn’t face him, not after this, she ran out the room! He probably thinks she was mad or something…she…she just needed air, it was so hard to breathe in there. She took a deep breath and opened the door, shuffling back to the room as she stood in the doorway.

"…M-Mike…?" Mari tugged at her hair, when will she stop with that, gosh… "Sorry I ran out I just…it was so hard to breath and I…make stupid decisions when I’m all anxious-y and…I-I’m not mad at you! I’m not…! I’m calm…I think…" She continued to stare at the ground, her face flushed with embarrassment. 

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He squeaked a bit when she leaned in, saying what she said and placing small kisses against his face. He was well…in a mix of feelings. He was nervous, but he didn’t mind the kisses she was giving him. He gave her a small smile, but it was well…kinda forced. He was just..in fear with what this could lead to.

"I..I appreciate the kisses, Mari, but…" he shifted his eyes away, blushing," I …I don’t feel comfortable with this. I..just want to…sit and cuddle for a while…"

He shyly looked up at her,” Is…is that okay?;” He felt bad about denying her, but…he really couldn’t bring himself to have an intense kissing moment with her again.

She suddenly backed off him, quickly getting off him and the bed as she fumbled with her words. He wasn’t the only one feeling nervous, she was feeling anxious, that feeling in her stomach made her want to throw up…that was not good. She gave him a sly smile before heading over into her closet, searching for what it appeared to be clothes as she came out with a hoodie that belonged to him and some gym shorts.

"Sorry ah…y-you can wear this, the shorts are too big for me anyway uh…i’ll be right back…" She handed him the clothes and with that, she rushed out the room and down the hall to the bathroom, slamming the door shut as she hung her head over the sink. She fiddled with the faucet handles, turning on the water and taking deep breathes, the water was…somewhat calming to her…and soon the bad feeling died down…

She was gonna get Blake back for this, shit…

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he’s like a space-guy


he’s like a space-guy

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Once she broke away from the kiss, he gasped a bit, trying to get some air from the intense kissing. He felt…he felt really, really good. But as good as that felt, it made him just as uncomfortable. He really wasn’t ready for this sort of thing what so ever. He barely listened to her when she explained herself and was more focus on calming himself done.

When he felt calm enough, he looked up at Mari, seeing her tugging on her air and looking just too cute and adorable that was needed! Was she trying to kill him with her flush state?!?!

He muttered under his breathe,” d…dammit mari….stop being cute…”

It was then when she said sorry to him once again, that he frowned a bit. He reached his hand over, giving her hand a small squeeze as he looked over to the side,” Mmm..i…it’s okay…Just…just give me more of a warning…n…ext time….”

Wait…wait what did he say?!?!? Next time/!?!/ That just cause his face to light up like a Christmas tree.

She seriously thought Mike would get mad at her, she knew he wasn’t into this kind of stuff…just thinking about it made her face bright red. She was about to blurt out more apologizes to him when he took her hand…oh he wasn’t mad, thank goodness…

She blushed a bit at his words, next time? He said that, right? That means he was okay with that…that feeling in her stomach didn’t seem to die down, it only gotten stronger and…she didn’t know what to think around him, so she just…

"Warning next time…? Like right now?" She reached up and peppered his face with small kisses, going down further to his neck before pulling away. She watched him a bit and planted a kiss on his lips, being less firmer this time…it was gentle and not sloppy. "…Was that…enough warning for you…?" she mumbled against him, her eyes half open and dazed to stare at him.

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(( LMFAO he and robbie will get on famously that lil’ dork loves to sleep sO GOD DAMN MUCH ))


they’ll get along just well B)

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I just had the best twenty hour nap…


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I called Harrison today and asked if he wanted to grab a bite to eat and he said to call back.

He was busy napping.


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