[skips past the counter but then stops,] …… [walks back and arches a brow at Genevieve,] What are you wearing?

Hm? Oh! It’s my new shirt for tomorrow~! [grins and gets up, showing her the front,]

You like it?

Oh gosh…i thought i’d never say this but….you’re a nerd Gen. A CUTE NERD. HA!


I’m no nerd~!

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[insert dumb bat noises]

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Cassidy laughed a little bit and shook her head, though looked at him with a bit of surprise. She looked at the bag and took it, looking back at Jax for a moment. ” …ya didn’t have to get me anything you goober..but that you that’s incredibly—-” she lifted the necklace out of the bag and almost immediately her words turned into incoherent squeaks as she looked at the star locket…THEE STAR LOCKET…from Sailor Moon. She had only ever seen this thing in toy form…and now it was in an actual necklace form?! WHAT WHAT

" ——" Cassidy started to shake a little before turning to the bat and looking at him as if asking permission to freak out, though he didnt get any time yo say anything to her before she almost crawled over her cake and gave him a tight hug. " JAXXY HOLY CRAP THIS IS SO UNREAL ARE YOU SERIOUS IS THIS THE STAR LOCKET OMG" she squealed, hugging him even tighter. 

"Oof!" He was caught off guard as she hugged him, rather tight too! He almost didn’t expect this sort of reaction from her, but he did smile, happy to see that his gift made her act like this. He returned the hug, giving a few gentle rubs on his back, "Yeah it’s the star locket, took a while to find it too, I literally went to ask Odette to translate the japanese text since she understands it! Had to work overtime at the parlor and everything to save up! Look~" He dug into his jacket pocket as he pulled out another one, "I got myself one too, now we match, heh. Oh…and I believe you can open it up and it sings."

He could have just opened his to show her but it wouldn’t be special, so he pointed to hers, let her see with her own how lovely it is. “I promise you it’s real, alright…just open it up and hear it sing, sounds just like the tune in Sailor Moon, you’ll like it!” He tucked his own back into his pockets, moving the cake to the side, just in case the treat doesn’t get destroyed or anything.

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Kaiko looked over to him, nodding his head as he grabbed his hand. Then eventually being able to get to the top of the mountain he let out another grunt and began rubbaging throu the bag scrapped to his back. Going thru a few things and taking some food and such out.

"Sorry about missing your birthday, Jax…"

After he pulled up Kaiko, he noticed the bag on on his bag on his back, woah…where was he going with that? And then he pulled out the food. He blinked, missed his birthday? Is this why he climbed a damn mountain for? He broke into a fit a snickers, quickly tackling Kaiko to the ground as he laughed. “Sorry? Dude, you climbed a rock to do this! Thank you! You’re really the best!” He got off, rubbing the top of his nose, “Really, man. Thanks. Couldn’t ask for a better gift than this.” He smiled a bit before gawking at the food, a bit of a twinkle in his eye.

"Oh man this looks so good, you made this?!"

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Jax was acting a little weird, then again this was kind of normal for the two wasn’t it? She smiled a little as he opened her eyes once more and she looked. When he said Happy Birthday to her she blinked for a moment, looking down at the cake and smiling, giving a giggle. ” Jaxxxxy! That’s really sweet omg…” she said, settling down on the roof next to the cake. ” This is so cute ahaha…thank you I can see you worked hard on this…” she gave him a precious smile, her hair wiggled a little bit behind her before she smiled again. ” Aaah…youre right…this is perfect…cake and a beautiful sunset…” she said, reaching and taking a piece of cake before eating it. Oh hey it was good! ” …This is yummy Jaxxy…thank you~” 


He didn’t fucked up the cake, thank goodness.

He was really worried about the taste but it seemed she enjoyed it! That suddenly got his tail wagging a bit, completely forgetting about the gift before shaking his head, quickly grabbing it. “I have one more surprise…I know it’s not much but…I know you have a liking for these things, here.” He held out the pink gift bag towards her, the smile on his face growing into a grin. He was glad he got to keep the gift he gotten her, it would have been a pain to buy another one on such short notice. 

"Open it, before we dig in into this cake, heh!"

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im feelin’ kinda.. gay today 



rides off on skateboard


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Kaiko: -climbing up a mountain with something scrapped to his back towards Jax- ;;

Jax didn’t know why he was napping on a mountain today but hey, it had some good breeze up there…and it was away from the city so peace and quiet. Though, his antennas twitched when he heard a grunt, looking over the edge to see Kaiko climbing up. “Oi…Kaiko….?!?!” He quickly sat up, okay, how did he find him and what was he doing climbing up here?? He could fall!

He shook away those thoughts before swooping down to where Kaiko is, holding out his hand. ”Need a lift?”

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" Huuuuuuh? A meteorite?" she gave him a questionable look before shaking her head a little bit and grabbing one of her many hoodies she had lying about. " ..Jax I doubt its a meteorite…almost sounds like its just a massive mound of bird poop…" she laughed a little bit. She had been working on something for her birthday…she wasn’t doing much today…to be honest. She grabbed his hand though, having done this plenty of times with this boy she knew the drill. 

He got a good grip of her hand as he pulls her up from the window, “What?? Oh man, no wonder it smelled bad, gross~!” He snickered, as soon as he set her on the roof, he quickly covered her eyes. “It’s a surprise to see the poop, I want you to see who weird it is~” 

It was hard to plan a surprise for Cassidy, since you can basically see Kaiko’s kitchen from her place so he couldn’t plan anything in there for her…but he managed, leading her to the edge where the sunset shine and seated her down, letting go. “Happy birthday, Cassi~!” He grinned proudly as he held out a sloppy decorated cake in front of her, his tail hiding a cute lil’ gift bag behind his back, he was gonna surprise her with that later. Now he wasn’t the best baker around but it was a special day! This literally too him all day to get right, not minding that he sported a few bandages on his fingers, silly bat forgetting not to touch hot things such as the oven. “I know it’s the not best cake in the world, not really a cook…but I tried! And I hope you like it~! Heard it goes nice with a beautiful sunset, heh.”

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i drew a bae on their birthday > v < @ wicked-sense-of-style

i did //dances


i drew a bae on their birthday > v < @ wicked-sense-of-style

i did //dances

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" Hm?" 

Cassidy pulled off her headphones and looked over to the window. She hadnt heard him tapping but she saw him out of the corner of her eyes. Oh did he want something? She got up and walked to the window, a few DDR remixes leaking from her headphones as she opened up the window. 

" Hey Jaxxy what’s up?" 

He gave her a peace sign before chuckling, “Nothing much, just wanted to see what’s my favorite chika doing lately~ OH! I almost forgot! I found this cool thing on the roof, I wanted you to check it…looks like a meteorite, I don’t wanna move it, looks gross….but cool!”

He shivered a bit before sticking out his hand, smiling, “Come come~ make sure to bring a jacket, chilly up here~”

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