-Robbie felt a cold sweat come over him as the other man came closer while still smiling… And confirming that he was indeed serious about the kissing. THIS… THIS HAD NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE. The poor mudpuppy’s heart was thumping in his ears as he tried to keep his bubbling under control… Only to fail. Like a nerd.-

But- YOU… O-Oh man… 

-He ran a hand through his wavy locks, his fin-like tail waving back and forth… Almost like a dog’s tail. AW.-

That’s, uh… Only ‘cause I was rantin’ and raving to myself, though! Who wouldn’t be drawn to that? You probably just felt the need to be nice, yeah? And I mean, I’m nothing special… Ahaha… NOT LIKE Y-

-TIME TO WHEEZE AGAIN. The guy before him was pretty handsome, no doubt about it, but saying it to his face? OH BOY, HOW EMBARRASSING. Quick, talk about cookies, you doofus.-

I did! Yeah! I… I work at Millie’s Cookies. You heard of it? Uhm. We’ve got tons of flavours and- COOKIE CUPCAKES. AND MILKSHAKES. I get loads of free cookies ‘cause of it- Well… Pretty obvious, right?

-He placed a hand on his lil’ tummy, a sheepish grin forming while his ears wiggled once more.- I can’t resist… Heh…


[He looked surprised, his huge fish-like tail thumping against the sidewalk. While it was true, he did came over to see what the fuss was about, but that was before he gotten a good look at him…]

Nothing special? I like to think otherwise, Robbie…

[He nodded off again, mumbling the last part to himself. He then mentioned about the cookies being from Millie’s Cookies…oh that place? He seen it before, making quick stops there to get his friend desserts and such…why haven’t he seen him there, have he not noticed? He mentally smacked himself.. Pay attention to your surroundings man, he could have possibly miss all the cute ones, geez…]

Sure I have, my friend loves the cookies there, always buyin’, ya know! Hm?

[He arched a brow, obvious about what? He then glanced down, oh. That’s what he meant…matter of fact, he did hear that chick call him fat or whatever…he only frowned slightly, why would anyone call him that, it wasn’t true…his expression did perk up though, staring at him as he gave him a grin.]

Oh, I would have never known, I mean…you look like an excellent baker to me~ how about that, the baker meets the cook~

[He chuckled at his statement, now he wasn’t a professional chef, he did went to culinary school and all…but he dropped out, no need to be babbling off his unsuccessful moments…]

Cookie cupcakes, though, now that sounds good! I never tried that before and it’ll be nice to try them with you…you know, maybe get to know you better…if you want, of course. When you’re not busy.

[Oh, did that sound like a small invitation to a date? MAYBE. MAYBE NOT. WHO KNOWS.]

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-Okay, now he was full on wheezing before the Samurott as he carried on talking about kissing him… Prove it?! OKAY, NOW, HE WASN’T THE SMARTEST OF GUYS WHEN IT CAME TO HINTS, BUT. Robbie was pretty sure that was a sneaky yet obvious way of saying ‘kiss me’.



O-OH MAN. GOOD ONE, MAN… Can you imagine? ME? KISSING YOU? WOAH, THAT’D BE FUNNY… Hah… Ahahah…

-Actually, he imagined it’d be kind of nice. Kisses were supposed to be great, right? And it wasn’t like the man in front of him was hideous or anything; no, he was actually one hell of a looker… But…

Well, it was pretty obvious that Robbie was a huge loser when it came to this stuff. So, to try and curb his embarrassment and distract himself, the Swampert did the only thing he could think of.

… He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out a small paper bag; the contents being a couple of chocolate chip cookies from his job.-


-‘Eeey. Smooth.-


[He let him run his course, was he making him nervous? Oh dear…never was his intent, maybe he should give him a bit of space, he did come on a little too much.But before he could really say anything else, he blinked at the bag he held out to him, cookies he said..?

He let out another light chuckle, nodding his head a bit,] Sure, why not, it’s better than these cigarettes I’m constantly buyin’, thanks. And you know…I wasn’t playing around…about what I said, I meant it.

[The Samurott glanced at the fella, again with that lazy smile of his as he stepped a bit closer to take ahold of the bag of treats. Man, those cookies smelt amazing, did he make them? Cute and he can make cookies? Harrison thought he might have fainted and was hallucinating or something, gosh…]

Why would I joke about something like that, I could have this to anyone around here and yet.. You’re the one who caught my eye….I probably sound like a sap, sorry about that. I came on too fast, huh? Didn’t mean to, I guess I can’t control myself when I see a cute one, hah.

[He shrugged, the smile on his face still growing.]

Did you make these? They smell really good, for chocolate chip cookies.

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drawing robbie rn but i doodled this on the side //backflips

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when u have a mad crush on a character

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(( //loud swEATING
because chubby boys in their underwear amirite???
not shown: fuzzy handcuffs eeeey ))


(( //loud swEATING


because chubby boys in their underwear amirite???


not shown: fuzzy handcuffs eeeey ))

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-Robbie had just been about to calm down enough to, you know, have a functioning conversation with the guy… Only to WHEEZE and spit out a few more floating bubbles that hung in the air around him when a kiss was mentioned.-


-Actually he’d never been kissed; not on the mouth, at least. Still, this lil’ mudpuppy couldn’t stop smiling at the thought; he might have been protesting, but… Hell, the thought of getting kissed and cuddled and all that great stuff turned him into a swooning MESS. WHAT A SUCKER.-


-Dude, volume.

Roberto gave his own hands a little shake by his sides before taking the Samurott’s in his own and giving him another goofy looking grin.-

I’M- My name is Rober- ROBBIE. CALL ME ROBBIE. You- Uh. You seem nICE.

Robbie, eh?

[He let the name roll off his tongue a bit, now thats’ a name he could remember, how nice. He smiled at how loud he was being, didn’t really faze him…he returned the grin though, giving his hand a slight squeeze before letting go, stuffing his hands back into his pockets.

Control yourself, Harrison. 

Tone the flirting just a bit.


And you’re seem nice yourself, I think Arceus has blessed me with such a good lookin’ fella today, wow…If you’re a bad kisser, I don’t mind teaching ya~ Maybe you should prove how bad ya are~

[Now he’d done it, him winking at the red face lad and chuckling, he really didn’t know when to stop, but he didn’t care! Whoever chick that dissed him made a silly mistake of letting him go…

They really did not know a good man when they see one.]

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Really? he wouldn’t mind, she looked up at him through her hands still smiling and blushing. But when he did move her hands she stared up a while, bashfully so. Only to suddenly lean up and try to give him a peck on the lips. That was her answer.

Dammit…she was adorable…how could he resist this? Especially since she was reaching up for a another…kiss, maybe? His cheeks turned a nice shade of red, trying his best to ignore the feeling down in his chest. He did give her that small kiss though, leaning down once again to place his lips onto hers. “…I didn’t think you wanted another…cute…” he smiled, pulling away just to place a smooch on her forehead. 

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— I see. I never met a sawsbuck before, so I couldn’t really know. - he chuckles awkwardly, hand behind his head scratching his neck. — Ah, yes don’t worry. I will be alright. I’m a rock after all. - Kane jokes, continuing taking steps forwards as the queue started to shorten.

— I’m glad I invited you today Cecil. - the onix speaks up, smiling towards the shorter girl. — You seem much more excited than I about the theme park. Glad you are enjoying it.

Just to be fair, I never meet an onix before, I thought they were rough…but then I met you and I think they’re cool now. You’re cool! [she gave his hand a squeeze, only then she realized she was still holding on and her cheeks flushed a bit. Kinda nice to have someone not fuss about how clingy and loud she was being…]

O-Oh, well! I’m glad I came along, it’s nice to hang out with you! [Returning the smile, she glanced in front of her, seemed like they were next in line,] Of course! You’re here with me, why wouldn’t I? It’s lots more fun with you around~ [and with that, she grinned and let go of his hand, skipping over to the stopped roller coaster ride and waved at him,] Come, come, Kane! Let’s sit here!

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— I just did. - Kane chuckles as a reply while putting the cupcakes to cook in the oven. Rushing over his table, the guy took the bowl and the standing mixer paddle attachment and cleaned it thoroughly on the sink. — You seem to be going faster than I. - he comments raising his head from drying the utensils in his hands.

Reattaching the paddle to the standing mixer, Kane went to fetch some unsalted butter and left it out of the fridge to keep it at room temperature. Grabbing some more confectioner’s sugar, a pinch of salt, some shredded sweetened coconut, coconut extract and a bit of topping decorations.

— Which taste did you chose for this battle? - he ends up asking, now waiting for his cupcakes to fully cook thru.

Really? [she pursed her lips a bit before letting out a chuckle, her eyes eyeing the timer. As soon as it was done, she better get ready to iced and decorate that cupcake. Her taste, well…she did choose vanilla. It wasn’t too sweet, just i the middle of flavors…]

I just stayed with vanilla. There’s gonna be a surprise in the middle but that’s a secret. [she grinned up at him, eyeing the coconut close to him…ad looked back at her cupcakes, shrugging her shoulders,] I didn’t want to get too complicated with the flavors…plus I don’t think I’m skilled enough to be adding anything…I might mess it up like…YEP.

[She puffed her cheeks, patting them to get herself pumped and ready to go,] I see you’re putting coconut, right? And a fruit I think? Oh man, that’s totally gonna kick my cupcakes’ butt, haha~! Guess I know first hand how good you really are, Kane.

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Once he had pulled away Jessie found herself both smiling and hiding behind her hands, she was bright red by this point and even a bit shaken up by the kiss. The little red faces Scizor shook her head “i-i-i-it’s ok-k-k-kay…..///” she couldn’t help her stuttering. “….i enjoyed it….” she managed out behind her hands. It was true though.

[He couldn’t help it, he too was red in the face, scratching his cheek as he smiled, looking to the side,] Ah…same here, I…wouldn’t mind getting a kiss like that every now and then… [he looked at her, chuckling as he held her hands from her face, a bit worried as of why she was covering her face like that,] Hey you okay? I didn’t hurt ya, did I? Gotta be careful of my own strength sometimes, ah.. 

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